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Holiday to Bali? Here Is The Complete Nusa Penida Info

You want to vacation in Bali but want to enjoy a different atmosphere? Look for info on Nusa Penida now. You will know that the beauty presented there is no less beautiful than the one on the island of the gods. The location is not far from Bali, only separated by a strait that you can cross easily. Nusa Penida tourism is also quite famous among foreign tourists. So prepare your vacation to Nusa Penida now.

Before you leave there, it’s good if you know the info Nusa Penida about attractions that are there and can be an option during the holidays.

  1. Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach can be said to be a new tourist attraction based on info obtained by Nusa Penida. This object is increasingly known starting in 2016, especially by foreign tourists. Even today, the cliff top of Kelingking Beach is often used as a pre-wedding photo spot. The interesting thing about this beach, when the water is receding Manta rays will be clearly seen swimming around the coastal waters. If you want to see the amazing scenery, come on vacation in October. In addition, you will find many caves along the coast that contain bird wallet suggestions.

  1. Paluang Temple

The majority of Balinese who embrace Hinduism causes there are many temples standing in Bali, including Nusa Penida. According to info from Nusa Penida, there is one temple that is quite unique to visit. This temple is unique because of its location right above the open sea. In addition, you will also find 2 pelinggih fruit shaped like VW Beatle and Jimmy cars. Because of that, Paluang Temple is also often said to be a Car Temple. If you want to go to this temple, you can take it by motorcycle for 40 minutes from Nusa Penida Harbor.

  1. Pasug Uug

The tourist spot of Nusa Penida which is unfortunately to be missed is Pasih Uug. On this beach you can see a high cliff with a hole in the middle. This cliff has a height of about 50-200 meters. If taken a portrait or seen from above, this cliff will look like a bridge. You can get a fairly calm atmosphere on this tour because it is far from residential areas. The sound of friendly waves and green grass makes Pasih Uug more interesting to enjoy. If you are lucky according to info from Nusa Penida, you can see groups of stingrays or turtles swimming around this ship.

  1. Seganing Waterfall

Seganing Waterfall is suitable for you who like adventure and challenges. According to info that Nusa Penida can, this tour is quite extreme because to go to the location must go down the steep precipice first. This tourist attraction is also still built very simply because it is only fenced with bamboo, even uneven stone footing. But all tired will pay off after arriving and see the beauty of the Seganing waterfall close to the sea. You will see the waves fast enough around the sengganing waterfall. The cliffs that stand firm and the green trees around the inventory location look more beautiful.

Not only the beach, you can also enjoy other attractions in Nusa Penida right? That is some info about the tourist attraction that can be an alternative of your choice while on vacation there. There are many tourist objects that you can visit, therefore it is designed for your holiday so that it can be used well.

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