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Info Nusa Penida, Tourism in Bali that is Anti Mainstream

From year to year Bali has never lost the charm at all as one of the favorite tourist attractions for tourists, not only for local tourists but also foreign tourists. There are many interesting locations that can be visited while on vacation in Bali. If you like the beauty that is not much in exploring tourists, look for info Nusa Penida. There you will be presented with various kinds of natural beauty.

Check out some info about Nusa Penida about a place that is a shame if you miss while on vacation to Bali.

  1. Crystal Bay Beach

According to info from Nusa Penida, this beach is one of the favorite tourist attractions in the Nusa Penida region. On this beach you can enjoy a vacation with family, especially children. That is because the sea water tends to be calm with small waves so it is safe to use it for playing for children and is comfortable to use to relax. Not only that, Crystal Bay Beach has white and soft beach sand and clear sea water. So clear, you can directly see coral reefs and marine biota that swim around these waters only from the surface. This location is also suitable for watching the sun set over the hills.

  1. Goa Giri Putri

Giri Putri Cave, according to info from Nusa Penida, is usually used as a temple or religious activity. If you want to enter this cave area then you have to climb more than 100 steps to get to the courtyard of the temple. Only after that entered the cave which is located 3 meters down. Dana will be presented with a view of the cave which is extraordinarily beautiful. Inside the cave can only be passed if there are lights, to go to the main part of the temple must pass the path. You must be careful when walking along the path in the cave, because the road is quite damp and wet even though the floor is already cemented.

  1. Angel’s Billabong

This Nusa Penida tourist spot is quite well-known dam and arguably one of the most exotic tourist attractions. According to the info that Nusa Penida is available, you can feel the thrill of swimming in a pool surrounded by towering cliffs. The water in the Angel’s Billabong tourist attraction is very clear with Tosca green that looks beautiful. If you come here, you must be careful because the cliffs in this place are sharp and quite steep.

  1. Puncak Mundi Temple

Puncak Mundi Temple has its own uniqueness because according to info Nusa Penida, its location is at the highest peak in Nusa Penida. The entrance to the temple has a fairly sharp and winding terrain. Because of its location which is above the altitude, visitors can not only enjoy the beauty of the temple but also get a bonus view of the beautiful Nusa Penida from a height. This temple is interesting because it has cold temperatures and a pleasant atmosphere because the area is still very beautiful and green.

That is some info about Nusa Penida about a place worth visiting when on vacation to Bali. Not only can you enjoy the beach but other attractions such as caves and temples are also a pity if you miss. Because many tourist objects that can be visited better if planned from far in advance before vacationing which tourism objects to visit. So that your time there can be used maximally to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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