pantai banah nusa penida bali tour


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The current tourist destination is very much and easy to get information, one of which is Nusa Penida tourist attraction. These attractions are located in the Island of the Gods of Bali and who do not know about the island of Bali, Bali, which has many natural beauty and very interesting culture so that many tourists or travelers from abroad visit for a vacation and enjoy the beauty of nature in Bali.

Of the many tourist attractions in Bali, the island of Nusa Penida is a prima donna to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach and paradise for those who like diving or diving because of the uniqueness of the underwater world there.

Many locations or spots in Nusa Penida tourist attractions that can be used as a place to enjoy the beauty while on vacation until the honeymoon for young couples newly married. Among the interesting locations are the many beaches and hills that have old charms that cannot be obtained in big cities.

Here are some spots or locations that can be visited when we are on vacation to the tourist attractions of Nusa Penida Bali,

1. Beach Atuh

Atuh Beach is a location for tourist attractions in Nusa Penida which is precisely in the village of Pampuutan. This beach has a beauty that can be seen from above and if you want to go there you have to walk between steep and steep roads for 40 – 60 minutes, so prepare your condition if you want to go there. Atuh Beach has a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery there. We can play on the beach with soft and soft white sand and calm waves. At the end of Atuh beach there is an island commonly referred to as Nusa Batu Abah and Nusa Batu Padasan. So many beautiful panoramas can be obtained if we are on vacation at Nusa Penida tourist attractions, so please join us at Nusa Penida Bali.

2. Pasug Uug / Broken Bay

When you are visiting various tourist attractions in Nusa Penida, don’t forget to visit a place that really has the beauty of a panorama that can be said to be difficult to forget, namely Pasih Uug or commonly called Broken Bay. Here we will find a beach that can be seen from above surrounded by cliffs that have a large cavity or hole to go towards the coast. Pasih Location This Uug is adjacent to Angel’s Bilabong, so by visiting the location of the Pass of the Act, we can also visit Agel’s Bilabong in one moment. Panorama here is very good for those who like taking pictures or photos for their own needs or to share on various social media such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. This spot is one of the favorite places for vacationers for those who like a traveler.

3. Angel’s Billabong

For those of you who love panoramas and beautiful landscapes and then capture Instagram social media, this is one of the tourist attractions of Nusa Penida that is perfect for you, namely Angels’ Billabong and this location is often called the place where nymphs bathe or play water because of the place which is unique with a little jutting in and directly adjacent to the edge of the sea. This clear small pool is located between a clean coral with a depth of approximately 1 meter, making it easier for us to soak or play. If the water of the sea is receding, many tourists take the time to swim and play water at Angel’s Billabong, which has the real name of this place is Umahtran and if the water is parallel to this place, we must be careful because of the strong currents. For those who want to be called angels, it doesn’t hurt to go to the island of Nusa Penida and swim at Angel’s Billabong.

4. Kelingking Beach

Enjoying the sights of Nusa Penida is very pleasant and makes our hearts amazed, there is a place that we will not realize that there is a very beautiful beach, if we are on a hill called the Kelingking hill then when we seeing the far down will be seen a small beach hidden beneath which is also called the Pink Penida Beach. This beach has white sand and clear water color with a whitish color and borders on another blue color. Natural nuances that are so natural with the sound of the waves and the soft sound of the wind accompanied by eyes that see the clear colors of water and the white color of the sand and the green color of coral moss and small green ferns on the cliff of Pinkie. It’s really not a loss if the Nusa Penida vacation and visit this location, because this can be a story from time to time and whoever is a traveler who has toured Nusa Penida and stopped at Kelingking beach is sure to want to come back again.

5. Pasih Andus

Now we go to the location of Pasih Andus or Smoke Beach, here it will look like puffs of smoke with a roaring noise but it is a collision of waves towards the reef which results in an explosion of water which is split like dew-dew or splashes of sea water which is very large and makes a loud noise. It is very interesting indeed if we are near there because it will feel like being rained by very large water vapor with a clear color. It’s a pleasure to be here for a long time because you can hear the waves crashing against the reef and creating mutually sounding sounds. This is Pasih Andus, a natural phenomenon that is so natural and beautiful.

6. Suwehan Beach

Another hidden beach in Nusa Penida is the beach of Suwehan in the Taglad Village of Nusa Penida Bali. To get to this beach indeed you have to go down steep and steep cliffs to reach it, but after you are below or on Suwehan beach, you will feel the beauty of nature here. With around coral and cliffs that are green and clean beaches are very enjoyable holidays here. Indeed, not many come to visit here because the place is a little difficult to reach. But all of that will be paid off and the difficult journey will be forgotten if indeed we are already on the coast of Suwehan. At the location of Suwehan beach there are also cliffs or rocks that are similar to the Volcom logo and now the area around the rock is called patai Volcom.

7. Tembeling Springs

There are so many Nusa Penida tourism objects that don’t always smell like beaches, but there is a place in the elevation that leads to a forest, there are attractions that are so beautiful and dami namely the source of Mata Ait Tembeling or Temeling. This spring has an atmosphere that is so peaceful because it is located in the middle of the forest and to reach the location is a bit time consuming because there is no transportation that can get there besides walking. In this Nusa Penida tourist location there are two pools of springs which are specifically for men and women with turquoise water colors providing a beautiful natural aura here. In this location there are also 4 temples including Pancuhan Tembeling Temple which is located near the source of the springs, Pesisaran Ratu Kanjeng Temple, Panca Gangga Park Temple and Pura Batu Bolong Temple.

8. Guyangan Spring

Here is one of Nusa Penida’s tourist attractions, namely a spring again, but this spring is located on the edge of a cliff that directly borders the sea or beach. To get here you should have a fit condition because you will descend a ladder 450 meters down and take about 30 minutes. When we are going down the stairs, we will see the natural beauty of the sea from a height and from this cliff, so beautiful and impressive. Exhausted indeed the journey but all of that is sure to disappear when we arrive at the Guyangan spring, this is because the location on the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea makes the heart feel happy and difficult to express. The charm of this uniqueness is what makes this tourist object curious and increasingly amazed at the sights they can enjoy. There we can soak while looking at the blue sea that stretches. After that we have to get ready to go home and climb the stairs to the top, physical strength is needed to get to this place.

9. Manta Point

For those who like diving or diving, there is one Nusa Penida tourist spot that is close to the location of Kelingking Island, there is a diving spot called Manta Point. This place is very beautiful by having good water clarity and when doing dives, we can find large manta rays that are really happy to play with divers. To go to this location you should not be too late because in the morning there are many manta rays hanging around and you can see it from the edge of the cliff. We can rent this diving equipment along with a rented boat that will take us to the Manta Point location

10. Crystal Bay

The name Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida tourist attraction is because the beach is so beautiful, clean and clear of the water and full of calm. This beach is an option for those who love snorkeling and scuba diving because they have clear water and beautiful coral reefs down there. Indeed, Crystal Bay deserves to be one of the favorite spots for divers because not a few divers come to enjoy the underwater scenery here.

A variety of Nusa Penida tourist attractions in Bali and have a high value of beauty, but still all that we must guard and we must be aware with a sense of belonging and love to preserve all the integrity and nature on the island of Nusa Penida Bali.