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Nusa Penida Beach that is Suitable for Lovers of Snorkeling

Nusa Penida keeps a variety of unique and interesting spots so it is a shame if you don’t visit them. It only takes three years for this tour to grow very rapidly and is known by many tourists, both local and foreign. Nusa Penida Beach is currently visited every year by hundreds of thousands of tourists because of its beauty that is able to make visitors sedated. In fact, not only is land tourism the target, the underwater wizard is also unique and charming. Most people who visit the coast of Nusa Tenggara will definitely want to swim with beautiful fish.

Here are some of Nusa Penida beaches that you can enjoy underwater beauty.

  1. Meling Stone

Batu Meling is not only a beautiful Nusa Penida beach but also a diving spot that is no less beautiful and very impressive when you dive in it. This place has unspoiled and clear waters so that it can see marine life clearly. The interesting thing about this spot is that you can see a hill below the sea that is overgrown with weeds so that it looks similar to a hill on the mainland. There is a rock that has a hole in one of the hills so it is called Batu Meling.

  1. Manta Point

Manta Point is on the west side of Nusa Penida Island and is a place where Nusa Penida Beach is used as a point for diving. This place is one of the favorite spots of divers who want to enjoy the beauty of marine biota in Nusa Penida. The underwater panorama that is presented in this place is so enchanting that it can be one of the mainstays because it can amaze every visitor who comes. If you dive at Manta Point then, swimming with manta with a variety of sizes ranging from small to very large you can feel. Of course it will be an unforgettable diving experience.

  1. mangrove point

If you want to move a little from Nusa Penida then you can enjoy the unusual beauty around Nusa Penida beach which is more precisely located in Nusa Lembongan. You can go to Nusa Lembongan to enjoy the beauty of this mangrove pint. This place still has a very beautiful and calm nature so it is very enjoyable to spend a holiday. Not only that, diving in this place you will be accompanied by colorful small fish. Of course it can make you enjoy the beauty of this mangrove point.

  1. Malibu Point

Malibu point is not only known as a snorkeling spot but can also be used as a spot sunrise point. This Nusa Penida beach feels in the village the atmosphere of Nusa Penida and has a calm atmosphere because it is still quiet visitors. So you can enjoy the beauty with satisfaction. This place is also known to have beautiful corals and has rare fish such as sunfish and various types of stingrays, rainbow runner fish and so on. Even in this place you can enjoy swimming with sharks and whales.

Some of the following places have become tourists’ destinations while on vacation to Nusa Penida Beach because it has such an amazing underwater beauty. You will be spoiled with marine life that is so unique and interesting. You can even feel swimming with the big and so fascinating manta ray. Of course it would be a pity if you were on vacation in Nusa Penida but did not enjoy the beauty of the underwater in Nusa Penida.

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