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Nusa Penida Tour Package Suitable for Students

Vacation is indeed not only the needs of certain groups, even a student also needs a vacation. Tasks that are piled up or thesis that does not end after making the mind need to be calm for a moment. Vacationing to a beautiful place but not yet crowded by tourists like Nusa Penida can be the right choice to calm your mind. However, students generally have a limited budget especially for holidays. Because of that, you really have to pay attention to the Nusa Penida tour package that is suitable for your pocket but still makes your holiday feel good.

  1. Ticket promo to go to Bali

You can start your trip to Nusa Penida wherever you are to book cheap airplane tickets to Bali. You can get airplane ticket promo prices through online sites, how to get a promo just have to be diligent in seeing various online sites at any time. Even though you plan to take a vacation using the Nusa Penida tour package but still you have to go to Nusa Penida first if you want to enjoy the package. Therefore you have to look for promo tickets on online sites so you can get cheap prices to get to Bali.

  1. Choose the transportation that will be used to cross to Nusa Penida

To get to Nusa Penida, you can cross by using 2 crossings to Nusa Penida, namely Padang Bai Port and Sanur Harbor. Departures from both ports are not the same, as well as prices offered. If you cross through the Padang Bai Port then you can get two departures, namely at 09.00 WITA and 13.00 WITA at a rate of Rp. 80,000. Whereas in the port of Sanur, the ferry is at 08.00 WITA with a tariff of Rp. 100,000 using Fast Boat. If you are on vacation using the Nusa Penida tour package generally the travel agent will give you a ferry ticket so you don’t need to be confused about buying a ticket.

  1. Avoid Holiday Times during the Season

If you really want to enjoy your vacation then you have to know the right times to enjoy your vacation. If you want to take a vacation to calm your mind, try to avoid times approaching national holidays or long holidays for school students. This will generally cause the price of the Nusa Penida tour package offered to be more expensive compared to normal days. Of course that will make you spend more even though actually it can be allocated to other things such as shopping and enjoying water sports there.

When the holiday season arrives, demand will also be higher because of the many tourists on vacation. Because of the many requests, the Nusa Penida tour package providers and hotel providers will increase the package prices they offer. Therefore, if you have a lot of time outside of national holidays and holidays school students will be better off if they choose the holiday that day. You can get a cheaper Nusa Penida tour package and a tourist destination that is visited more quietly so you can be free while on vacation.

You can make some of these considerations in determining the Nusa Penida tour package that you will choose. As a student, of course you are looking for a cheap holiday package but still make your holiday enjoyable. Therefore, you can search for promo tickets so that the cost of going there can be cheaper. Holidays with the general group will also get a cheaper package price, so you can invite your close friends to vacation together.

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