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Tips for choosing Nusa Penida Car Rental

A pleasant holiday with family and friends is everyone’s desire. Apart from the loss of fatigue that you feel because of your daily activities, you will also be closer to your loved ones. Nusa Penida is one of the islands that you have to visit because of its unspoiled sightseeing and many tourist attractions that you can enjoy there. in every corner of the island you can enjoy the beach with unique cliffs and pleasant wide sea views. to maximize your vacation, you can do it by car. but you need to know, to get more experience you are advised to ride the fastboats from Bali island. No need to worry, there are a lot of rental cars for Nusa Penida to help you get around the island to enjoy your vacation.

So that you are not wrong when renting a Nusa Penida car, you need to pay attention to the following tips.

1. Type of car rental services

The place to rent a car Nusa Penida provides many methods of car rental for you. there are two methods, namely the key release method or the driver method. The first method means that you can freely drive a car wherever you want. Car rental service providers generally only provide provisions for the car you can use a maximum of 6 hours per day so that if you use it more, it will be charged a tariff of Rp 30,000, – per hour.

If you make use of using a chauffeur service, then you will be transported wherever you go by car and rented sopair. The driver is with you as well as a tour guide during your trip. not only that, you also do not need to worry about straying to explore the attractions in Nusa Penida. But the shortage of car rental Nusa Penida with this method is your seat ration will be reduced by one place because the driver used, and the price of the day will also be more expensive.

2. How to Reserve

if you are going to rent a car, you must pay attention to how you have to make a reservation. Nusa Penida car rental place has its own rules, some require customers to make a reservation seven days before arrival. there is also one that allows tourists to make reservations on arrival. You must pay attention to the provisions regarding the reservation, it is recommended that you plan your vacation in advance so that you are not confused on arrival. but you also need to know the information about car rental places that can make reservations on the day of arrival. it is very useful for those of you who are planning a sudden vacation.

3. Types of Sewan Cars

Nusa Penida car rental place will generally provide several choices of cars that you can use to get around Nusa Penida. Sometimes in a rental place also not only gives the choice of cars that are bags or the latest, but there are also those who still use a rather old output car. The type of car you can of course adjust to the budget you have also with the number of groups on vacation with you. Don’t choose the wrong type of car because it will increase your expenses.

Nusa Penida car rental is very appropriate if used on vacation and explore objects in Nusa Penida tourism. This will make you feel more comfortable while on vacation because there is no need to overheat and get dust. In addition, if you use a car you will not be too difficult when you have to pass through the terrain to a tourist attraction that is quite difficult to pass. Especially if you are on vacation with a group then you will be more economical if you use a rental car. Don’t forget to prepare your identity which will later be used as collateral when renting a car.


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